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Your privacy means everything to me - I will never share or sell your personal information. 

My priority is to make you feel understood and to create, in synergy, a space where you will build your road map to success. 


I am passionate about people and I like to inspire, motivate and empower my clients to be their best selves in all circumstances. I want to see people succeed, move towards greater fulfillment and live more enjoyable lives. My interest in human behaviour has helped me develop a deeper understanding of how beliefs and self-awareness can drive our motives and actions. Creativity is the healing power I call upon, intuition the compass I utilize to guide people as they strive to get fully back into the driving seat of their lives.

People often ask me: how did you get into what you do?

My journey started years ago. My passion for people has taken different shapes through the years – I started out as an interpreter and translator, I was a journalist, I worked in communication, I was a teacher and a people manager... in all the jobs I’ve done, my aim was always to connect people, to help them communicate and open up to different ways of experiencing life.

Until I realised I had drifted away and was not connected anymore... Caught up in the frenzy of having a title, I’d lost track of who I really was and how the whole purpose of having a career is to be fulfilled and happy.

So I decided to press the ‘pause’ button and search for the way home. To do so, I had to shed layers and layers of roles, titles, stories, judgement and pointing fingers; I had to get to the ‘un-storied’ me and from there let myself be inspired to find my purpose again. From that place, I’ve rediscovered my passion for helping people succeed, no matter who they are and what their goal is.

Knowing that success is coming home to yourself, the questions I will help you find an answer to are: who am I? What gets me out of bed in the morning? What am I good at? How do I make life fun again? And once you’ve found your own answers, I’ll help you build a plan to get there and make your dream job and life happen.


As a coach, I am committed to the highest standards of integrity, excellence and professionalism.

I am a qualified coach with a QQI Fetac Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching and a member of ICF, the International Coaching Federation. I also hold a QQI Fetac Diploma in Business Planning.

My experience in people management, recruiting in the corporate sector, career coaching, professional and personal development, as well as working with international clients and expats, creates the perfect platform for helping you, no matter what goal you are trying to achieve or block you want to remove.


At Grow Aware Coaching, my mission is to help as many people as possible reconnect with who they truly are and live a more enjoyable life by speaking to their hearts.

Through my services, I aim to promote my clients’ well-being and raise self-awareness; I will encourage and empower you to tap into your own resources, to put the challenges you are facing into perspective and dare to live the life you are meant to live.


I offer to partner with you in a thought-provoking and creative process so that you are empowered to maximise your potential and achieve your goals. The techniques I use will help you find the answers within and get to authentic, personal solutions.