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new entrepreneurs

Have you been thinking of setting up your own business?

You have that great idea that you’d like to turn into business, but you don’t know how...

or maybe you are tired of the nine-to-five corporate grind and would like to have more flexible schedule while focusing on what you enjoy doing most, but you are too afraid to take the entrepreneurial plunge...

Well, the good news is there has never been a better time to start a business. In 2017 alone, over 22,000 start-up businesses were registered with the CRO in Ireland.


Still, it feels huge, overwhelming, too great a leap for the level of confidence you have right now. Perhaps you’re not sure how to even go about turning an idea into the reality of a business, or maybe you’ve done your market research but don’t know where to take it from there.

After all, if there aren’t demand and margin, there is no business, it is just a hobby.

The question is: how can you set yourself up for success?

If you’re ready to put the hard work in it, choose to work with me and we’ll go on a journey where you will learn to have:


  • Better focus

  • Less anxiety

  • Greater resilience

  • Clear goals and better planning and time management

  • Higher self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Comfort around public speaking

  • Greater balance and general well-being.


I can also help with:


  • Business planning

  • Market research

  • Personal branding

  • Social media

  • Financial Plan

  • Networking tactics.



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